Wings 0.94.03 is released

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This release does not contain all changes I had planned. The material handling is rewritten under the hood, but there are no user-visible changes in the material handling.
On the other, this release contains a lot that I did not plan, but I added because I got inspired.
I remind you that Wings is beta software. As this release contains many internal and external changes, be careful if you are using Wings for any critical tasks.
If there turns out to be any serious/annoying bugs in this release, I'll release a bug fix release within a few days.
In general, all plug-ins needs to be updated (at least recompiled).
Object creation plug-ins will probably work.
New features (general):
- On starting Wings, the Wings window will get the size it had in the
previous Wings session.
- Wings will use the maximum number of colors that graphichs
card is capable of showing; it used to be fixed to 16.
(In Windows, change the display properties to force Wings to use
a lower number of colors.)
- Added showing of wire frame in smooth-shaded mode (hotkey W).
- Information about the current selection is now shown at the top
of the model window, not on status line. (The reason is that the
help prompt can now be kept visible at all times.)
- The information about the selection includes distance and position
information. (For instance, if two vertices are selected, the
distance between the vertices are shown.)
- Exit from secondary selection mode has changed. To execute the
command, simply RMB. To bring up the menu, hold Alt while RMB-clcking.
(Hold Ctrl instead of Alt in the Maya camera mode.) RMB-clicking
will still show the "Invalid selection" menu if the selection is invalid.
- Added smart highlighting similar to Nendo's (by default disabled;
turn it on in Edit|Preferences). The difference from Nendo is that
there is no "undecided" selection mode. Instead, smart hightlighting
changes the selection mode to the vertex, edge, or face that is nearest
the cursor.
- The functions on LMB and RMB for the Lift command were swapped,
thus putting the most commonly used function on RMB.
- Lift can now lift from a vertex as well as from an edge.
- Howard Trickey updated the Text command to make the font directory
explicit and to provide a better default value for the font directory
on Windows.
- Changed order of fields in the dialog box for Text. The text field
is now the first field, following by the font field.
- Error messages are never shown on the status line; they are either
shown in standard error message box (Windows and Unix/Mac OS X if
the *_file plug-in is present) or in a home-made error message box.
- Internal errors are now shown using the entire screen, and you
need to click a mouse button to continue working.
- Added Help|SDL/OpenGL Info command.
Bug fixes (general):
- The Wings installer would not find the R8B-1 release of Erlang/OTP.
Corrected. (Any future R8B release should be OK too.)
- Edit|Smoothed Preview used to crash if there were UV-mapped objects
- Restored showing of help prompt while dragging. (It was removed by
mistake in 0.94.02.)
Import/export/textures/vertex colors:
- Renaming material names on import to avoid name clashes.
- Corrected inccorrect export of materials for OBJ.
- Removed the "Save By" option for Renderman export.
- All materials are now used in the Renderman export.
- UV coordinates are now preserved by all commands (they are never
automatically converted to vertex colors).
- Added the Strip Texture command to the body menu. It removes textures
and replaces them with vertex colors.
- The visible and locked states for objects are now preserved when
exporting/importing models to and from the NDO format.
- Vertex colors are now properly handled in the Mirror, Flip,
Intrude, and Invert commands. (Problem reported by Mark Whittemore.)
For developers:
- The internal format of materials has changed. The importers/exporters
bundled with Wings have been updated. Thanks to Sean Hinde for updating
the VMRL plug-in.
- Added 'ns' (normal) fields to e3d_mesh and e3d_face records.
e3d_mesh:normals/1 now return a e3d_mesh record with the normals
filled in.
- Format of materials changed.
- Removed wpa:message/1. Use wpa:error/1 instead.
- wpa:pick/3 can now return a St structure with another selection mode
if smart hightlighting is turned on. (But if wings_io:icon_restriction/1
has been called, the selection mode is guaranteed to be one the modes
in the restriction list.)
- Howard Trickey's latest version of wpc_triquad_cmd is included.


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06 May 2002, 07:50 #2

cheez, that's lots of stuff...
Thnx bjorn, great release , again..

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06 May 2002, 07:57 #3

Thank you

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06 May 2002, 08:57 #4

I like the new vector handeling, except if I select a vector, and then right click to "execute" there's a good chance I'll accidentaly select another part of the model, therefore changing my vector.

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06 May 2002, 11:52 #5

I have changed RMB (and Alt-RMB) click to always select (in secondary selection mode). It used to be that RMB would select only if there was no previous selection. I forogot to mention this change in the release notes.


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06 May 2002, 12:28 #6

Bjorn, a special thank you for the smart selection mode.
And in general, thanks for the other updates, most of which I don't really understand...but am glad someone is taking care of them.
Kudos also to the intrepid plug-in writers, who I'm sure (hopeful) will continue to update their modules to work with the new Wings3d. :)

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06 May 2002, 13:00 #7

Great work Bjorn. Lots of stuff in this release. Sounds like you were really working hard. Thanks for the effort. IT is much appreciated.

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06 May 2002, 18:18 #8

Just a weird thing I noticed, If C is assigned to smooth preview it only seems to toggle it off not on... If I assign another key to it it seems to work both ways...?

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06 May 2002, 21:13 #9

I love how you can view the control cage in smoothed preview. Now if we could edit that cage and stay in preview..... Mmmmmmm...... We're halfway there. ;)

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06 May 2002, 21:52 #10

I'd love to be able to edit that mesh realtime too Cookepuss