Who uses ManifoldLab on Linux (Changes) ??? ...

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Who uses ManifoldLab on Linux (Changes) ??? ...
I just recently started supplying the voronoi command
line tools that run under the covers of ManifoldLab/Wings3D ...
I just started supplying them as precompiled binaries in the
plugins/manifoldlab/voronoi/linux        folder
I wasn't sure if these could be precompiled and run across
a variety of linux distros such as Ubuntu and Fedora. I think
maybe they can.
Anyone who wants to help me test this theory of command-line
tool compatibility ... please step up.

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Hello ggaliens. I'm trying to setup Wings3D+ManifoldLab on Linux. I'm a total noob for both Wings3D and ManifoldLab (but reasonably comfortable with blender). I downloaded the latest Wings 3D for Linux. OkI downloaded the following manifoldlab plugins: voronoi, experimental, scatter and booleans.Installed  under Wings3D (Ok) but do not work (as expected I guess).I then installed the tetgen and qhull software as packages (Ubuntu) OkI grabbed carveCSG and compiled it (for other interested linux users, if you need to do this, grab carve sources from the mercurial repo and not from the 1.40 sources. Compile using cmake). OkI put symbolic links towards the original binaries of qhull, qvoronoi and tetgen in the voronoi directory, preciesly inside wings-1.5.3/lib/wings/plugins/plugins/xtras-lots-more/voronoi/linux OkI copied the binary intersect of carve inside wings-1.5.3/lib/wings/plugins/plugins/xtras-lots-more/booleans/linux Ok

I tried a Boolean Union (Sphere and Cube)... Ok
I tried the "Voronoi: Encrust Surface" on a cuble and it did something. Ok
I tried the "Voronoi: Polyhedra via tetgen" and here the shell is yelling at me:


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"Opening /tmp/temp.off.\nDelaunizing vertices...\nDelaunay seconds:  0.000147\nCreating surface mesh ...\nSurface mesh seconds:  0.0001\nConstrained Delaunay...\nConstrained Delaunay seconds:  0.000102\nRemoving exterior tetrahedra ...\nExterior tets removal seconds:  1e-05\nRefining mesh...\nRefinement seconds:  0.01071\nOptimizing mesh...\nOptimization seconds:  0.000466\n\nWriting /tmp/temp.1.node.\nWriting /tmp/temp.1.ele.\nWriting /tmp/temp.1.face.\nWriting /tmp/temp.1.edge.\nWriting /tmp/temp.1.smesh.\n\nOutput seconds:  0.002015\nTotal running seconds:  0.013658\n\nStatistics:\n\n  Input points: 8\n  Input facets: 6\n  Input segments: 12\n  Input holes: 0\n  Input regions: 0\n\n  Mesh points: 271\n  Mesh tetrahedra: 783\n  Mesh faces: 1801\n  Mesh faces on facets: 470\n  Mesh edges on segments: 96\n  Steiner points inside domain: 34\n  Steiner points on facets:  145\n  Steiner points on segments:  84\n\n"wpc_ml_tetgen_cell:command/3: bad return value: {error,enoent}

I imagine 
wpc_ml_tetgen_cell is a manifoldlab program. 

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[size=100]Any idea on how I could solve this ?

I also have Surface evolver installed on my Linux machine.
 Where should I put a link to it ?
 What will it enable me to do ?

Any other piece of software I should try to grab / compile to have a full ManifoldLab experience ?

Thanks for your attention/help (if any :-)[/size]

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Hi treepleksThis forum is inactive.There is a new one at www.wings3d.com/forum and there is a proper session there to talk about ManifoldLab: ManifoldLab plugins collection.
You also can try the ggaliens' homepage/forum: www.wings3d.net
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