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Well it's 99% completed. Of course it cannot be done before Wings itself, but I will work on getting a preview version out for public comment. Thought you might like to see the TOC. It fleshed out at 112 pages overall, and I don't expect it to grow much more than that (thank God!).
Table of Contents
Section 1: Installation
1.1 Windows
1.2 Linux
1.3 Solaris
1.4 Mac
Section 2: The Wings3D User Interface
2.1 General Overview
2.2 The Title Bar
2.3 The Menu Bar
2.4 The Icon Bar
2.5 The Status Bar
2.6 Context Sensitive Menus
2.6 Dialog Boxes
2.7 The Information String
Section 3: A Quick Start Guide
3.1 Finger exercises to get you started.
3.2 Your First Real Model; a Dog House.
3.3 Creating A Hand (an intrinsically organic shape)
3.4 Adding Detail
3.5 Finishing It Off
Section 4: The Nature of Subdivision Modeling
4.1 Subdivision and Such
4.2 The Nature of Edge Loops
4.3 Winged Edge Topology
Section 5: The Wings3D Command Reference Guide
5.1 The Main Menu
5.1.1 The File Menu
5.1.2 The Edit Menu
5.1.3 The View Menu
5.1.4 The Select Menu
5.1.5 The Tools Menu
5.1.6 The Objects Menu
5.1.7 The Help Menu
5.2 The Context Sensitive Menus
5.2.1 The Primitives Menu
5.2.2 The Vertex Operations Menu
5.2.3 The Edge Operations Menu
5.2.4 The Face Operations Menu
5.2.5 The Object Operations Menu
5.3 Advanced Menus
5.4 A little tutorial.
5.5 Advanced Menu Command Reference Guide
5.5.1 Vertex Operations with Advanced Menus
5.5.2 Edge Operations with Advanced Menus
5.5.3 Face Operations with Advanced Menus
5.5.4 Body Operations with Advanced Menus
5.6 Reference Guide to Hot Key Assignments
Section 6: Plug-ins
Section 7: Resources
7.1 Wings3D Links
7.2 Polygon Modeling Links
7.3 UVMapping and Texturing Links
7.4 Rendering Links
7.5 Graphic Utilities
7.6 Specialty Applications
7.7 Books
List Of Figures
Figure 1: The Wings3D program window.
Figure 2: The Title Bar.
Figure 3: The Menu Bar.
Figure 4: The Icon Bar.
Figure 5: The Status Bar.
Figure 6: Contest Sensitive Menus.
Figure 7: A cube primitive has been added to the Workspace.
Figure8: Basic Wings navigation.
Figure 9: Working with the Wings interface.
Figure 10. Roughing in the basic form.
Figure 11. More basic construction.
Figure 12.Building the main roof.
Figure 13.The side roofs.
Figure 14.The porch overhang.
Figure 15. Under the porch.
Figure 16. Completing the project.
Figure 17. The dog house, rendered in Vue.
Figure 18: Cube preparation.
Figure 19: A refresher.
Figure 20: Working with the context sensitive menus.
Figure 21: A palm is born.
Figure 22: Cut in the finger nubs.
Figure 23: Cut in the thumb nub.
Figure 24: Extrude the fingers.
Figure 25: Extrude the thumb.
Figure 26: The Smooth operation.
Figure 27: Adding details.
Figure 28:The hand completed.
Figure 29: The Wings Material Editor.
Figure 29a: An example of the Material Editor sub-menus.
Figure 30: Subdivision.
Figure 31: Edge loops and poles.
Figure 32: Basic topology.
Figure 33. The main menu bar.
Figure 34: The File Menu.
Figure 35: The Edit Menu.
Figure 36: The Material Editor.
Figure 37: Camera modes.
Figure 38: The Preferences Menu.
Figure 39: Compatibility.
Figure 40: The View Menu.
Figure 41: The Select Menu.
Figure 42: The Tools Menu.
Figure 43: The Object Menu.
Figure 44: The Help Menu.
Figure 45: The Primitives pop-up menu.
Figure 46: The Vertex Operations pop-up menu.
Figure 47: Twist and Torque.
Figure 48: Twist vs. Torque.
Figure 49: Other factors.
Figure 50: The Edge Menu.
Figure 51: The Face Menu.
Figure 52: The Wings Material Editor.
Figure 53: The Body or Object Menu.
Figure 54: Standard vs. Advanced Menus.
Figure 55: The Wings magnets.
Figure 56: The Influence Menu.
Figure 57: Vector Magnets revealed.
Figure 58: Magnet operations in Wings.

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After his installation,
Wings3d, need for the first to present his job: work with BODY, FACES, EDGES and VERTICES.
Then it need to present his PRIMITIVES;
then it need to present what operation he can do over parts of primitives;
and then it need to present him self ...

Maybe my opinion can be useful for this topic.
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