Free image processor for Windows

got links we might want to know about?
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MeeSoft Image Analyzer
A brilliant free image processor for Windows.
Loads instantly.
Scant docs, but simple to use while powerful.
Explore the menus - watch the status line.
The 3d model plugin gives you a simple model viewer.
Includes a maths expression evaluator, too (if you care... hehe).

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Now that one looks usefull. I usually use PicturePublisher to do my image stuff and for a good viewer or basic filtering in post work I use IrfanView. But this thing also does simple 3d modeling with heightfield images and with lathe curve images! Just look at the 3d plug in page. I downloaded the chess bishop and looked at it - awesome!
Bookmarked, downloaded and thanks for the link!

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I'm glad you like that one... LOL :D
Nurbana seems to keep getting put on the back-burner.

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Hi, I am testing about  another image processor for windows these days. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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This is an image processing tool developed within native .net windows forms project with simpel image editing methods and codes, which allows for image rotation, flipping, watermark and thumbnail creations.

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i have a similar image processor for windows in my pc, can you rtell me what's the difference between these two. the one i am using is fast and simple, what about yours?