- constructive comments about current Wings implementation.
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I use Wings 3d since a long time, but i changed for wings 3d 1.41 only recently. I must say that the new features are really great, but there are at least 3 things that annoy me.
- the hole material is removed. it was really useful, i don't understand, why you have removed it; instead we have the tool hole which is totally useless.
- I don't like at all, the all selections in one, I mean the selection for the vertex\edge\face. when I press the space bar, all is selected. (sorry if this is not clear, i don't know how i could explain that so i'm going to post a screenshot)
- you have also removed the internal renderer, of course It was not perfect, but it was useful for a quick preview. (for example for the alpha channel)
missing features :
- a material editor (something like the one in 3dsmax)
- a plugin for Luxrender : http://www.luxrender.net/en_GB/index

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About... - Hole material >> See how to "make your custom" old hole style in this post: .hole. How do you use it?
 - LuxRender >> I think this post is still valid: LuxRender Export plugin for rendering
 - "... the all selections in one ..." >> Go to the Preferences dialog; General tab; Highlighting groupbox and check  the option "Conditional Deselection". Now - after you choose one mode - deselect will keep you in the same mode until you hit the deselect key twice.
 - "... internal render ... but it was useful for a quick preview. (for example for the alpha channel)" >> I think you can use View modes for that. You must get something like that:
* Three lights and a tga file (with alpha channel) for the box.
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thx, for the tips, and the links. Image